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The Time Rose Medallion


In the first century AD, a young Armenian girl ran afoul of an evil sorcerer and was forced to allow herself to be taken into slavery to   escape his clutches.


Her name was Varteni, which means ‘rose tree’.


To rescue her, an unnamed youth crafted three golden medallions   representing past, present, and future from a melted down statue called the Keeper of Time. With them he crafted a ring, a brooch, a bracelet, a belt, and one item for which no form was recorded. These objects all featured a rose design and would eventually be known as Keeper Pieces.


Their purpose? To bring about the rescue of Varteni and the attendant fulfilment of her destiny. To this end they were infused with mystical powers and cast adrift to lie dormant until a thousand years had passed.


At the end of that period, the mysterious elements within one of the Keeper medallions began to stir. Held in trust by a certain family, it gradually revealed its powers to young members of that  family,   giving those who could discern its secrets the ability to travel across Time.

Seeking, ever seeking, the elusive Varteni, this medallion has, for countless generations, been guiding them to children whose lives were affected by a disruption in Time. For it is only through helping them that medallions users can save Varteni, and, ultimately, Time itself.


The Association of United Planets (AUP) is dedicated to bringing and peace and prosperity to all the worlds it encompasses.

Or is it?

Earth-born adolescents Meda Brent and Kirsty MacGregor have been taught to think so, but start to harbour doubts after they, in company with Meda’s brother Simon and a Vorlan girl named Jipthidovrillavorimvaisse (Jip to her friends), visit several planets AUP has not encompassed, and spend a bit of time talking to the less-than-happy inhabitants of some it has.

Involvement in an alien world’s power struggle gives them the opportunity to bring about AUP’s downfall, but they’re up against some pretty powerful people. Even with right on their side, can mere kids prevail against might?

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